Parking in Disabled Bays

Dear Parent/Carer

Use of the School Disabled Parking Bays

We would like to clarify the use of the disabled parking bays at the front of the school as we have an increasing number of parents/carers wishing to park in these spaces who do not hold a blue badge.

With only two allocated disabled parking spaces and the high volume of cars driving up the driveway and parking in these bays, it has made it very difficult to manage the bays safely.  Often cars are unable to reverse out of the disabled parking bays because of parents/carers blocking these spaces and the school escort minibus that drops off and picks up the children from our Resource Provision has been unable to park/leave on many occasion.   

There have been a number of incidents and near accidents already at the front of the school and on the driveway.   We therefore would like to make it clear that these bays are solely for the use of blue badge holders but also that having a blue badge does not entitle people to park at the front of the school when the disabled bays are in use.  It is important to note that should the necessity arise where we have to call 999 for an ambulance, the emergency services would also need the use of a disabled parking bay.

If you do need to use one of the parking bays a disabled blue badge must be displayed in the front windscreen and the eligible driver must be driving the car.  In light of this, please could you complete the attached ‘Request for Parking’ form, if you need to use the disabled parking bays in a morning or in an afternoon.  Please note, this system does not include passengers in a car and is only where the parent/carer dropping off or collecting has a disability or the child being dropped off has a disability. 

We would also like to point out that the car park at the school is for staff and visitors only and therefore parents/carers should not use these spaces when dropping off and picking up their child. Parking on neighbouring streets around school should also be done with caution and due respect for the residents occupying these houses.  It goes without saying that drives should not be blocked so that residents cannot access or leave their property.

As we are sure you will be aware, parking is the cause of many frustrations, not just for parents/carers of children at Joseph Locke.  These frustrations can, on occasions, result in aggressive and abusive outbursts directed at staff and parents/carers which the school will not tolerate.  These can include incidents where parents are ‘passively aggressive’ in their actions and this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable.  Please note that school has comprehensive CCTV coverage and should any incident occur we will contact parents/carers to address the matter and where necessary we may have to involve the police.

We are sure you can understand that many parents/carers wish to park as close to school as possible and each individual’s reasons often seem to be very legitimate to them however, we only have two disabled parking bays and it is an impossibility to provide parking for everyone who believe they have a specific reason.  The result of people parking in a disabled bay when they do not need to is that the disabled bays are then unavailable for quite some time making it difficult for blue badge holders to drop-off or collect their child.

Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact school.

Yours sincerely


G Dransfield/J Brock


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