Welcome to FS2 Peter Rabbit's Garden
Welcome to Peter Rabbit's Garden! Here you will find all the relevant and up to date information regarding your child's journey through Foundation Stage.

Welcome to Foundation Stage! There are lots of playmates here! We are one big happy family with lots of caring staff to help us in our work and play. Your teacher is Miss Rothery and your teaching assistants are Mrs Rippon and Miss Claire. Our Foundation Stage comprises of one Nursery classroom and two Reception classrooms and a large outdoor area. Children have access to a range of high quality resources both indoors and out to enahnce their play and learning experiences. In Autumn One, all of our learning will be based around ourselves and our families (I am me and I am special). We will talk about our feelings, appearances, families and friends. During adult focussed activities we will learn new letter sounds, practise blending sounds together to read CVC words, write our names, copywrite simple sentences and practise basic counting skills and number recogniton. In Autumn Two our topic is Woodlands. We will be reading the stories Owl Babies, The Gruffalo and We're going on a bear hunt. Our focussed tasks will include learning new letter sounds, applying our segmenting skills to label pictures, write captions and simple sentences with support, apply our blending skills to read simple sentences, learn about 2D shapes, money and begin to solve addition and subtraction number sentences practically. Spring One and Two will consist of sharing a number of traditional tales to include The Enormous Turnip, The Elves and the Shoemaker and Jack and the Beanstalk. During the Spring term the children will write simple sentences reteling familiar stories, develop their blending and segmenting skills, learn about size, weight, capacity, time, 3D shapes and solve addition and subtraction number sentences. During the Summer terms we will be focussing our learning around the topics Superheroes and Under the Sea. Our adult focussed tasks will include writing sentences, sharing books and becoming fluent readers, learning how to solve doubling and halving problems and consolidating our knowledge we have learnt throughout the year. Alongside our Phonics, Literacy and Numeracy focussed activities your child will access a number of activities in provision to develop their speaking and listening skills, social skills, confidence building, fine and gross motor, health and self-care, teamworking, imagination and creativity. As parents/carers you can access your child's learning journey through Evidence Me, please join us in celebrating your child's achievements. Due to the current circumstances our communication between ourselves and parents/carers is required to be a little different at the moment, however, if you would like to make contact with your child's class teacher please do so via the Class Dojo app or using the telephone number previously provided. Thank you for your continued support!

FS2 Peter Rabbit's Garden Social Stream
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