Welcome to Y5 Platform 9 3/4!
Come and see all of the exciting things that have been happening in our class!
Welcome to Year 5! This is your first year in Upper Key Stage 2 and will be filled with new challenges and learning experiences. Miss McIntyre is your class teacher and the class TA is Mrs Anstee-Cooke.

In Summer Term, we will be learning about World War I. We will have an exciting, immersive WWI day with a historian, who will be showing us artefacts and telling us what life would have been like for a soldier. Following this, we will be using our WWI knowledge to write emotive poems in literacy. Additionally, we will be writing an adventure story inspired by Robin Hood!

In science, we will be learning about the life cycles of animals. This will include: looking at different animals' habitats and discussing links to their life cycles; comparing asexual and sexual reproduction and researching famous naturalists. In art, our topic is sewing. We will be working together to create a class quilt! In maths, we are exploring geometry. We are learning the names for different angles, how to measure them using a protractor and how to use angle facts to work out the size of missing angles. Our guided reading text is a poetry book called Cloud Soup by Kate Wakeling. In the afternoon, our class story is Cogheart.
Y5 Platform 9 3/4 Information

We have P.E. every Thursday during the morning session. Please ensure that your child comes to school prepared with their full P.E. kit and appropriate outdoor footwear.

We have a weekly library session during Thursday afternoon, in which children will be able to read fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts for pleasure. They will also have the opportunity to change their book during this time.

For our homework, we expect the children to practise their spellings, read their book (make sure to sign their record!) and practise their times tables.

Furthermore, we have a spelling test every Friday.

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