Welcome to Year 4. Narnia
Welcome to 4RSSS. It's great to be back together. Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Welcome to year 4. This year we have so many exciting topics and events to look forward to. There will be challenges to face and new skills to learn, but it will be a chance to push yourself and be the best learner you can be. Mr Shaw will be delivering the literacy. guided reading and maths in a morning, whlist Mrs Scully will be developing individual reading skills and phonics. In the afternoon, Mrs Scully will be teaching topic, science and art. Alongside this, Mr Sidebottom will be delivering PE every Thursday. Up unitl February (Covid restrictions permitting), swimming lessons at the Metrodome will replace this session. Once every half term, Mrs Kerr will be teaching french for a day to cover the modern foreign language objectives for our class. Each week there will be weekly times tables and spelling tests, (which will also form part of weekly homework). Muliplication knowledge is very important this year, as we have the Mutlipcation Tables Check at the end of the year, so practising and developing the speed of recall will be crucial. The children are encouraged to practise their table facts using the 'Timestable Rockstars app'. They can access this in class and at home to improve their speed of recall. We also use 'Spelling shed' as another app to use at school and home to practise set spelllings. Autumn 1: We begin with a PSCHE focus followed by a great history topic all about 'The Groovy Greeks'. Our science this half term will be investigating Sound. Autumn 2: We get to grips with e-safety and learning about computer hardware, followed by a Geography focus on 'Volcanoes'. Science is all about teeth and eating in humans and other animals. This year we have introduced an additional grid of homework challenges. These are for mums, dads, grandparents etc to help with and a chance to support your child's creative skills at home. Class Dojo and Seesaw are platforms we will be using to communicate and share our class learning, as well as regular Tweets to let you know what we have been doing. Seesaw will be our main platform for home learning - where daily work related to work in class and assignments will be posted for children to access, so there are no gaps in learning whilst having to isolate. As well as TTRockstars and Spelling shed, the children will be expected to log in to Bug Club, where internet is possible at home, to support their own reading and comprehension skills. We will be continuing to monitor reading through the whole school Reading Miles initiative. (Remember to read daily and record in your reading record books). There are 30 marvellous and unique little people in our class! Over the year we will be discovering and celebrating each others talents and successes.

Y4 Narnia Information

Weekly routines Weekly spellings are handed out on a Monday and then are tested on the following Monday - remember to practise your spellings each day! Our class library day sessions are on a Monday afternoon - remember to bring your library books back so you can have them swapped! Our P.E lessons with Mr Sidebottom are on a Thursday afternoon. Remember to bring your full P.E kit. Remember to read every day at home and bring your reading record in every day. Each day you read will reward you with a stamp in your reading record. Prize draws are announced throughout the year to encourage children to reach certain destinations by a set date. Keep rocking on times table rockstars to be the ultimate Rock star legend. Times table rockstars can be accessed through the times table rockstars app on your iphone or tablet. Autumn one We will be settling in to our return to school after lockdown with a big push on PSCHE, where we will be focusing on friendships, relationships and families. Our Topic this term is Ancient Greece. We will travel back in time to the start of the Olympic games and recreate an Ancient Greek Olympics for parents to watch. This term in Science we will be looking at sound. This term we will explore the science behind how sound is able to travel from a source to our ears. We will also explore the relationship between the pitch of sound and the number of vibrations created; as well as linking this to Music. In computing this term we will be learning about how to use search engines efficiently and how to check if a webpage is trustworthy and ensuring our children are acutely aware of keeping safe whilst online. In DT we will be exploring healthy eating and creating our own healthy meal. In art we will be developing drawing techniques, looking at how to use different media to show movement in figures In PE the children will be developing football and gymnastics skills. Literacy This term as part of our Literacy work we will be looking at Ancient Greece Myths such as Theseus and the Minotaur and Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa This term we will also be exploring where the Olympics began in Ancient Greece and discussing the similarities and differences with the Olympic games that we know today. We will also have a regular GPS session to explore strengthen children’s knowledge of grammar and spelling. Children will also have a weekly spelling test and daily spelling practice to understand the rules associated with specific spellings. Numeracy In Maths this half term the children will be learning about place value of 4-digit numbers. Within this topic, children will learn how to partition 4-digit numbers when looking at the value of each digit within a 4-digit number. How to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 How to compare and order 4-digit numbers up to 10,000, How to count backwords beyond 0 into negative numbers. How to write and read Roman numerals up to 100. Homework Spellings: Spellings will be given on a Monday which will be tested on the following Monday. Reading: We ask that children spend 5 minutes a day reading a text that they have a great interest in. This reading will count towards their reading miles in their reading records. Children are also asked to spend time practising their times tables using the online app Times table Rockstars (TTRS) You will be given a homework grid based on the ancient Greeks to choose a different homework from each week. Autumn 2 We begin this half term with an RE week, where we will be looking at Christian Marriages. We will explore why people choose to get married in a church; what the main elements of a church wedding are, as well as comparing these weddings to an Hindu wedding. After we will be having a dive into ICT linked to our literacy. We will focus on e-safety and gaining a knowledge and understaning of computer components and their functions. Our big geography topic then starts - 'Volcanoes'. This will see the children exploring physical and human features of a landscae, looking at mas of th eworld to locate where volacnaoes can be found; why volcanoes erupt; why people choose to live near volcanoes and what were some of the biggest eruptions in history. Our science theme moves on to humans and other animals, where we take a close look at teeth and the digestive system. Literacy Our literacy is linked to our topics. We begin by creating a persuasive leaflet - aimed at keeping children safe online. We then look at an explanation text about the function of teeth. After that we look at how to write a formal letter of complaint lined toan imaginary scenario of the introduction of sugary drinks at cinemas to keep people awake during a movie. Maths We kick off this half term with a focus on length and perimeter. Children will need to be able to know the relationship between measures and be able to convert measures. They will also begin to understand perimeter, calculating sides by applying computational knowledge. After this we spend th erest of the term building and developing our knoledge and understaning of multiplication and divison.

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