Welcome to Art at Joseph Locke Primary School
Hello and welcome to Joseph Locke art. We believe that art is as important as any other curriculum subject. It enables our children to become immersed in their own inner creativity and gives them a vehicle to communicate ideas, explore the world around them, express feelings develop social skills and engagement that will empower them in other areas of the school curriculum. John Ruskin, believed to be the father of modern art critism said, " Art shows us what it is to be human". We, as human beings, have used art to communicate for thousands of years. We have an inner desire to create pictures and make things. It is the creative individuals who develop their imaginations and think outside the box that lead change in the world- that see things that in ways that have not been seen before,as asuch it is imperative that art is fostered in schools and children ate given the skills and tools to express themselves. We also believe that children need to be taught about the history of art; to help them connect to the past.
Mrs Scully/ Art Information

This year Mrs Scully who is the school Art Co-ordinator, is also teaching art from Y1 to Y6. Each class begins the year with a drawing and painting focus, developing skills that can be applied through sketchbook work to the topics that they cover in the rest of the year. Our golden threads that develop the skills and knowledge progression, focus on Drawing, Painting, Scultputre, 3D, Printing, Collage and Textile work.

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