Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is a payment made to schools by the Government. It makes up part of the school’s funding, is received into our budget and is made available for use throughout the whole school. Schools are free to decide how to allocate this funding to best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils. 

Joseph Locke Primary School has 32.37% of children eligible for Pupil Premium funding 2021-22

Current allocation

In the current school year, Joseph Locke Primary School receive £203,365 in Pupil Premium funding.

Main barriers to educational achievement

31.65% of children are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) compared to 20.8% nationally

37.4% of children have English as an additional language (EAL) compared to 20.9% nationally

Poor attendance and punctuality

Low attainment on entry

Limited parental interest or engagement

Underprivileged home "learning" environments

Unhealthy lifestyles

Covid-19 Impact

Allocation Spend to address barriers

  • Two additional teachers in Key Stage 2 to reduce class sizes and accelerate learning.
  • Employment of two Assistant Headteachers to lead literacy, maths, wellbeing and Pupil Premium, as well as support with behaviour management, analyse data and work closely with the co-heads to ensure smooth daily running of the school. 
  • Interventions from Assistant Headteacher and a HLTA in Key Stage 1 to accelerate progress.
  • Reading interventions in KS1 twice per week from an experienced long term supply teacher. 
  • Additional teaching in after school boosters for maths and reading.
  • Dedicated Speech and Language daily provision including Teaching Assistant support.
  • Funded Breakfast Club for vulnerable families to ensure a good, healthy start to the day.
  • Subsidising enhancement activities such as residentials, educational visits and after school activities.
  • Providing water bottles for all children and school uniforms/PE kits for vulnerable families.
  • Thrive practice implemented and resourced, including Nurture Room and other mentoring programme to support optimal social and emotional development for particular children.
  • Employment of EWO and attendance officer to support of vulnearable families.
  • Employment of PSA to support childrens' social and emotional development and work closely with families who need additional support. 
  • Teaching assistants delivering daily interventions to children who need "catch-up" in reading, writing, maths and phonics.

Pupil Premium 2021-22 Proposed Summary of Expenditure

Expenditure Area Cost How will we measure the effectiveness?
Teaching Assistants delivering daily interventions in reading, writing, maths and phonics.  £94,230

Termly data analysis

Monitoring timetable: including observations, book scrutinies

Pupil Progress meetings

Booster staff in FS, KS1 and KS2 £105,840

Termly data analysis

Monitoring timetable: including observations, book scrutinies


Assistant Headteachers out of class £67,526

Termly data analysis.

Monitoring timetable: including observations, book scrutinies and pupil voice. 

Pupil progress meetings.

Deep dives into reading, writing and maths. 

After School Boosters £3609 Measure the progress of children who attend the boosters.
Breakfast Club £19,921 Improvement in attendance and punctuality
Pastoral  £7580 All children school ready.
Thrive £11,482 Termly assessments through Thrive programme
Attendance officer £7770 Improvement of attendance and punctuality
Education Welfare Officer £24,032 Improvement of attendance and punctuality
PSA £31,324 Recognising and supporting children and families who need additional help and guidance in being 'school ready'
Total expenditure: £373,314  
Pupil Premium allocation 21/22 @ April 2022 £203,365  
Contribution from School Budget -£169,949  

Next Pupil Premium Strategy Review: April 2023


The following reports highlight how the Sports Premium has been used at Joseph Locke Primary School and the impact this funding has had on the provision of PE within the school.

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